As we conclude our walk-through Ruth, I hope it has not escaped you how amazing that book is. It was truly before it’s time. It gave the people it was written for a foreshadowing of what was to come, and it gives us a reminder of what has been done and also what is still to come.

Boaz reminds us of the better redeemer who was to come: Jesus. Ruth is a picture of us, Gentiles seeking refuge in the God of Israel through a “strong one” from Bethlehem letting us know God is with us.

The love story God wrote between Naomi and Ruth and then Boaz and Ruth is set against a backdrop of moral relativism. where everyone did their own thing.

Ruth reminds us that no matter how bad our world gets, how selfish people are, or much people do what is right in their own eyes He is still at work and still writing a story born of love.

It is a love for His people, even though they abandon him. It is a love for people who are on the outside as he draws them in to the family. This love story is about how God’s steadfast love can be seen behind the curtain of “as it so happened” of “coincidence.”

Ruth points us to Jesus. Our redeemer who restores and renews.  The best thing it reminds us of is that our Redeemer lives, and His love never changes or fails. Together, let’s get ready for the “Greatest Day in History.”