At the time, Jesus was hungry. The day before, He was angry. In that moment, was He hangry? Did He need a Snickers bar; after all you aren’t you when you’re hungry.

The answer is an emphatic NO.

So, the question still hangs in the air and must be asked. Why did Jesus curse a fig tree? The answer is a warning to each of us who call Him Savior, Lord or even friend.

The fig tree was in full bloom with all its magnificent green color. It looked attractive to the eyes and Jesus expected it to be filling to the stomach. Yet, it was a POSER.

The urban dictionary defines POSER as someone who is fake, pretending to be something they are not.

The fig tree looked like it should have figs. It could have had an early season crop of figs, but it was barren.

When He discovered that tree bore no figs, Jesus seized a teaching moment. He cursed it and said no one will eat fruit from it again.

What was His message? The same message Shallow Hal received. There should be more to a tree than its leaves. The future for spiritual posers is not bright.

A fig tree is supposed to bear figs. A Christ follower is, in Jesus’ words, supposed to bear fruit. James says a faith without good works is dead. No, He wasn’t hangry, He was prophetic. So, I must ask: GOT FIG?