I was once taught, and believed, that “crisis builds character.” The New Testament book written by James even says to count it all joy when we encounter trials and testing because it builds endurance and character.

I have come to believe that “crisis builds character” is only partially true, or just the beginning of the story. It is more accurate to say, “Crisis reveals character.”

When we face crisis, tests, and trials we have the opportunity to build strength, character, and endurance. We do that by enduring and learning. We learn from our failures and falls.

As an aged and grizzled veteran Daniel faced another monumental test of character. The historical account is found in Daniel 6. Many of us know the story and the outcome, because the account is a church and Sunday School classic

In this epic test, Daniel’s character is not being built, it is rather being revealed. By that time in his seven decades of life his character was already “carved in stone” this specific encounter just brought it to the surface. What built that kind of strength and character that allowed him to successfully endure survive the jaws of death that day?

The answer is revealed in a four-word phrase. Stay tuned for the answer.