Jesus spoke to people in their context and in a way they understood.

To fishermen he said he would teach and lead them how to make fishers of men.

To farmers he talked about scattering seed in a field.

To the professional he talked about businesses and money management.

To the marginalized and left out he talked about being love and belonging.

Even Paul talked about unknown gods to the religious.

Jesus, and Paul following Jesus’ example, went to where the people were. Where are people in our culture and world today? Where do they hang out? In my day it was the mall and the bowling alley.

Today a vast majority of our population hang out on platforms. By that I mean social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok and us old people Facebook.

Our Digital marketing team want to take the good news of Jesus and what we doing at Immanuel to those platforms. The goal is not to preach to, or judge, it is to inform, invite and encourage.

You can become a part of this team by helping create content or by sharing the content created in your digital OIKOS.

Be an social media influencer for the cause of the gospel.