“Circles & Rows”


When it comes to growing and developing in your walk with Jesus, it has been truthfully suggested: “Growth happens more effectively in circles than in rows.”

I have stated it another way: “You miss so much of what God has for you when you only sit in a row and never in a circle.”

By all of this I mean if you are only participating in worship (rows), you are missing out on so much. Sitting in a row is so much more effective with it is combined with sitting in a circle.

By sitting in a circle, I mean being in a small group. Large group worship ignites and inspires you, while small group interaction trains and develops you.

In a small group setting there are questions, discussion, and people learning from various perspectives.

Proverbs tells us “Iron sharpens, iron…” I interpret that to mean when a group of people decide to gather together to learn, study, pray and search, and even serve, they do it better together.

So, are you just sitting in a row? If so, I challenge you to add a little shape to your life and choose to sit in a circle with others. Become the sharpest tool you can be by rubbing shoulders and walking with others. If you are really up for the challenge, why not lead a small group? The best way to learn it to lead.