“Growth, Health & Spotlights”


A question pastors often get asked: What’s the best way to grow as a Christian?

First, let’s not think of growth as the end result. Instead, let’s view growth as a byproduct of health. If we focus on health, growth is the natural result, if we focus purely on growth, we may be tempted to take short cuts that sometimes sabotage our health.

Look at it this way. As a human, what’s the best pathway to health? I would say eat right, exercise, and surround yourself with like-minded people.

The same principles hold true for a healthy relationship with Christ. Eat right – feed and even feast on God’s word, team up with people who desire the same thing and exercise.

So how do you exercise as a Christian? One word: SERVE. Use the talents, abilities and gifts God has given you to serve Him and others. It’s when we place ourselves in an environment where we must prepare and do that we begin to know Jesus deeper and we naturally become healthy and grow.

Until our business meeting in November, each Ministry Team Leader will highlight their ministry team and what they do. Ask God to show you the ways He wants you to exercise and become a healthy follower.