The outcome of an event can be determined by the smallest of details. In baseball you hear the phrase: “Hit your cutoff man.” The
outfielder must hit the cutoff man glove side and shoulder height, called “Hit the mitt.” What’s the big deal?

A throw that just hits the cut-off man, as opposed to one that “hits the mitt” takes just about a second longer for the cutoff
man to relay the throw to home plate. On a close play, that one second is the difference between safe and out. In a close game, it is
the difference between win and loss. In a championship game, it is the difference between champion and bridesmaid.

In our relationship with Jesus there is a small detail that makes a huge difference. Yes, WAAAAY, bigger than a World Series win.
The difference is between the word “about” and “in”; “faith” and “trust.”

We can know about Jesus. We can believe that He is who He said He is; we can even have faith that He is the Savior of the world.
Salvation is not until we place our TRUST in Him. If you think belief about is enough read James 2:19, then read that whole 2nd chapter.

You can believe a plane can fly, believe the pilot is competent, but until you trust him enough and get on the plane your belief is

Do you need to take the next step of “belief about” to “trust in” Jesus as your Savior? It can be one small step for man and one giant
leap for eternity.