Sometimes when those two letters begin a word, it a call to examine, and act. May is filled with those occasions.

GRADUATIONS – No matter from what or where you are graduating it is a time to REmember and REflect. Parents do it the most, but so should the graduate. Look back at all that has been accomplished and the growth that has taken place.

MOTHER’S DAY – Those who have lost their Mom do the most REmembering on this day. Hopefully those who still have their Mom on this earth will take some time to REjoice and celebrate with her.

MEMORIAL DAY- Of course this is the day we take time to REflect and REmember those brave men and woman who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom as a nation and a people.

I would like to add emphasis to three “RE” words we should make a discipline to practice.

REFLECT –Daily REFLECT and look for the times where God spoke, or you missed his leading.

RECOMMIT – Remind yourself who you are and what God wants to do in and through you. REorient yourself to follow that lead.

REJOICE – Paul says we should REjoice at all times and in all seasons. Remember God is good all the time. It will REignite and REmind of why we follow Him.