The following are some legitimate questions people ask of the Bible…

  • How can we be sure it is true?
  • How can you trust it when there are so many discrepancies?
  • How can we know what it contains is accurate to what was actually done and spoke?
  • What is special about the Bible compared to sacred writings from other religions?

How would you answer them if asked by a friend or family member? If you don’t know or are not for sure, then F.D.U. is for you.

In our next two sessions, we will explore, look at internal and external evidence, and build a solid case that the Bible can be trusted as God’s revealed, authoritative word.

F.D.U. meets each Wednesday via ZOOM, or in person, at 7:07 PM. If you are not currently receiving the Prayer Meeting ZOOM link, please contact the church and request a link be sent to you.

I hope to see you Wednesday as we prepare to give a reason/answer for our faith in Jesus.