We all love angels, especially at Christmas time. We dress our children in white robes,
place a halo above their heads and put them on a pedestal telling them to stand
still and smile.

While that is cute and adorable, it is not really Biblically accurate. In the Christian
scriptures, angels are messengers and warriors.

They are messengers because when they are dispatched to Earth, it is to bring a
message from the Throne Room. They are also warriors in spiritual battles against the
forces of the evil one.

Their appearance may also be frightening. In almost every human/angel encounter,
the messenger first says, “Do not be afraid.” A cute child dressed in a robe and halo
would not have to say that.

The angel of Christmas brings good news. His name is Gabriel. He brings a few
messages to some specific people, but those words are also for everyone. His
messages are:

Don’t be afraid.
God hears you.
He will guide and protect you.
He will save you from your sin.
You are loved and favored.

What is it you need to hear this Christmas season? The child in the manger is the King
and God you long for and He has exactly what you need. Trust His messenger.