The Bible is clear, God wants His children to prosper. He is good and gives good gifts to His children.

Psalm 35:27 is just one passage that confirms it. In it we read that God “takes pleasure in the prosperity of his people.” In the New Testament, Jesus says that the Father gives good gifts to His children.Many pastors and evangelists throughout the years have misused and twisted these verses to convince people that God wants them to be physically healthy and wealthy. They have turned themselves into millionaires peddling these twisted departures from Biblical truth.

What these pastors and evangelists have done is put the world’s definition of prosperity onto the biblical word prosper. They have taken a short-term approach to an eternal truth that demands an eternal perspective.
Yes, God wants His people to prosper and experience His favor and blessing. The key word in that truth is “HIS,” His favor and His definition of prosperity. The Bible’s idea of prosperity, blessing, and favor are far different than the world’s view.

There is a biblical secret, that is not so secret to living a life characterized by peace, freedom, blessing and abundance. It is counter intuitive and counter cultural.