Tools are the instruments we use that help us accomplish something. We love our powered ones that cut, drive, build or demolish. No matter at what we are engaged, there are tools that help us prosper.

I want to take this column to review the four relationship building tools we discovered in the “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” series. They are…

    1. Loyalty – We stick with the stuck.
    2. Peacemaking – Do the hard work of living at peace with each other.
    3. Forgiveness – Set the prisoner free.
  1. Take a walk – Walking in another person’s shoes develops empathy, which leads to compassion, which leads to action.

Don’t just “buy” these tools, hang them on a shelf and brag about having them. Put them to use, practice using them, develop them, and then when the moment arises you can easily put them into practice when they are most needed.

One more thing, it might help to read the user’s manual from which they came.