In heaven we will enjoy many of the activities that we now enjoy. We will work, play, eat, hike, take in the arts, and many other things we love to do, but they will be enjoyed without the curse of sin.

While we will enjoy doing all of these things, there is ONE THING we will not be able to do in heaven that we can do while on earth.

Since we will not be able to do it in heaven, we must take full advantage of it while we can. Let’s do it as much as we can while we can. NO, I am not talking about sin.

I am talking about introducing and telling others about Jesus. Once in heaven, everyone who is there already knows and has embraced Jesus as Savior.

So, while we still can, let’s invite, introduce, tell, and model Jesus for others who are not yet convinced that He is who He says He is.

You can start that by inviting them to be part of Easter weekend at Immanuel. We have Easter Jam and the Egg Hunt on Saturday, and then our services on Sunday. Remember, we will stream the 11:00 am service online.