“Who No?”


As a child, we heard “no” because we thought our parents didn’t want us to have fun or get what we wanted. As a parent, we say “no” because we don’t think it is best for the children we love.

Two facts: God loves us, and God answers prayer. His most common answers are yes, no, and not now. In James, we are told we don’t have because we don’t ask (we did), or we ask with wrong motives (Hmmm?). Other reasons for a “no” are the timing is wrong or He has a better plan in mind.

I know for me I fell into the sin of idolatry. I placed the gift above the Gift Giver, the provision above the Provider. I no longer sought God for the relationship, I sought God for what He could do for me. Jesus told us to seek Him and His Kingdom first and then He would add everything else.

The wisest man I have personally known (my Dad) once told me “nothing of eternal significance can be done without sacrifice.” When I reflect upon that, it is SOOOO true. Think it through.

I wanted this building and relocation process to be so easy, so comfortable, so without sacrifice, but that may not be what God thinks is best. When we receive gifts that we are not ready for, we take them for granted, we begin to feel entitled and adopt an attitude of pride.

Let’s not fall into that trap, let’s seek God and His face and join Him in the work He is doing in us and then through us. Even if it means sacrifice.