Daniel & Dates


Daniel is a controversial book. The biggest controversy is about the date in which people say it was written. There are scholars who conclude that the book can be taken at face value and written between 605BC-539BC. There are others who say it is dated in the 100AD timeframe but written as if it was in the earlier timeframe.

Those that hold this later date say an author used a literary genre of picking a hero (Daniel) and placing them in an earlier period and writing the book to encourage people in a current crisis.

Why would scholars suggest this as a possibility? The overwhelming reason is because of the prophecies/predictions that Daniel made. He made some very astounding predictions that came true with amazing detail.

Many don’t see why when Daniel was written is such a big deal. On one hand I get it, because the book of Daniel has some amazing life lessons no matter when it was written. Proponents of this view say there is no way Daniel could have predicted with such detail without knowing how it already took place. On the other hand, this view also demands a low view of God claiming God couldn’t reveal those details to Daniel. We will explore the evidence and you can choose which God you will serve.