Daniel & Atomic


What do Daniel and atomic have to do together? I’m glad you asked. Atomic is defined as a single irreducible unit that is part of a larger system. That means something that is atomic is a small part of something greater.

Daniel accomplished some great things in his life. He not only survived the conquest of his hometown and being deported, but he also actually thrived during those difficult years. He served in the presence of, and with, some historically powerful kings.

How did he do it? He didn’t set out to do great things, instead he knew who he was and made small (atomic) decisions each day that were in line with who he was. Greatness was a result of atomic decisions and actions he took every day.

Admiral William McRaven, at the University of Texas graduation in 2014, told the graduates if you want to change the world start every morning by making your bed.

When we stack small decisions upon one another each day over a period, they magnify. If they are good decisions, greatness can happen, if they are poor decisions, it will be destruction.

God accomplished great things through Daniel one small decision at a time. What small thing can you begin doing today that can change the world?