Current Series

The Book of Daniel

The Old Testament Book of Daniel is one of the jewels of scripture. Listed among the

Prophets, it is actually a hybrid book, consisting of both historical narrative and prophecy.

Daniel is also one of the most controversial and discussed books among biblical scholars, because of the prophecies and predictions it contains. The prophecies are so detailed and exact, many believe there is no way they could be predictions, but instead a postdated attempt to encourage the people of Israel.

The historical narrative portion of Daniel is one of the great stories not just in the bible, but all of history. In its pages we found two gripping classical Bible stories. There are also the origins of two phrases we use even today.

This series will challenge, convict, enthrall and encourage you. It will give you a bigger vision of our God and His purpose for your life. Don’t miss a week of “Daniel” this summer, whether in-person or on-line.