Current Series

The world tries to tell us there is a secret, that if discovered, and practiced will lead to a prosperous life. Companies attempt to persuade us that we can achieve it by driving their car, using their soap,

investing with their brokers, wearing their clothes, following their workout regiments, and even eating their food and taking their supplements. They claim to possess the secret sauce to a life characterized by freedom, rest, peace, satisfaction, blessing, prosperity, and success.

There is a not-so-secret secret sauce found in the pages of scripture that can help eliminate the number one cause of divorce, stress, worry, anxiety, and high blood pressure. Kick off 2022 by discovering the secret sauce of life.

This series is a must for students, single adults just starting out, and young families. Do you know someone who could benefit from discovering what brings peace, blessing, and a life of influence? The Secret Sauce is for them.


  • January 2: “The Secret, No So Secret Sauce Revealed” – Proverbs 11:25
  • January 9: “Gaining the Proper Perspective” – Psalm 24:1
  • January 16: “The Debt Decision” – Proverbs 22:7 & Romans 13:8
  • January 23: “Live Proportionally” – 1 Cor 16:2
  • January 30: “The Long-Term Approach” – Matt 6:19-21