Campus Updates

Christmas Eve, 2021 marked the beginning of a new adventure on the 5041 Bucks Schoolhouse Road campus and in the Lord’s brand-new building He graciously provided. It has come with growing pains, learning curves, adjustments, but also exciting new resources to help us know him and make him known. The whole process has humbled us and reminds us that everything we have is a gift from God.

In those 1st 18 months we have baptized new believers, married new couples, re-ignited A Night in Bethlehem, hosted two “A Night For Heroes,”, conducted two MEGA Sports camps, and also hosted a Walk Thru the Bible Seminar. Those events are on top of the weekly and monthly strategies of “Preparing Hearts for Home.” A garden has also been planted, cultivated and “bears fruit” for those in need.

This story God is writing in and through the new Immanuel campus is just beginning. There are plans to continue to update and create a campus that is fit for a king and serve as a lighthouse to the community.

We invite you to check out the story God is writing at Immanuel. Our prayer is that Immanuel is the place you can find the story God wants to write in you.