In the last four decades, “BENEFITS” has become an increasingly important part of
our vocabulary and work culture. The “BENEFITS” are often the deciding factor in
our job choice. In this context, “BENEFITS” refers to employer provided health
insurance and retirement plan.

In the pages of the Bible there are many references to the “BENEFITS” of embracing
Jesus as Savior and practicing generosity with our time, talents, and resources to the
work of God’s Kingdom. In church language “BENEFITS” are called blessings.

Unfortunately, many people falsely read those promises as a get rich scheme. They
adopt a “name it, claim it” or “mark it, park it” philosophy. Jesus was very clear. He told
His first followers and every follower who followed in their footsteps: “You will have
trouble in this world but take heart because I have overcome the world.”

So, why practice generosity toward God and His kingdom work? First and foremost,
because the One who created you, loves you, redeems and restores you, asks you to.
He calls it faithfulness and obedience.

He made promises to those who are faithful and generous with their time, talent, and
finances. They include peace, protection, and provision.

Certainly, they are experienced in this world, but the greatest benefits are out of
the world. Literally. The best are in the next world for those who know Him.