Many of the lies we get potentially “hooked and cooked” with are for good reasons. By that I mean we share them to offer comfort and help to those who are hurting or offer encouragement.

While the motive and intent are good the belief is still not true and therefore can put people on a path that unknowingly leads away from God’s revealed truth.

Example: To comfort people who are grieving the loss of a loved one it has been said, “God must have needed another angel.” Again, the purpose is  to bring comfort to one who is hurting, but the statement is not true and can lead to some destructive beliefs.

Scripture does not say people who die become angels. Angels are created beings; humans are created beings and the two never interchange. Humans stay humans and angels stay angels.

Jesus, in Mark 12:25, in response to a question says that humans in heaven become LIKE angels, not become angels.

What’s the big deal about this seemingly harmless statement? People can be led to believe that when all people die, they become angels and never understand they must embrace Jesus as forgiver and savior and follow Him with their life to enter heaven.