Preparing... Hearts For Home Calling, equipping and training people to follow Jesus in the places we call home, so that they might be prepared to fully live in the place He calls home. New Here Live Stream


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Welcome to Immanuel! We’re glad you are here. “Preparing Hearts for Home” is Immanuel’s mission. “Home” has a dual meaning. First, we seek to prepare people to experience God’s love in their current situation with the people they love most. It also means preparing people for the “home” that Jesus is getting ready for those who love Him and are living according to His purpose.



In our Christian faith there are certain doctrines that are “untouchable.” They are non-negotiable because if compromised, we are no longer distinctively Christian.

This series is vital for the Christian because we are living in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to Biblical truth. It can also be of interest to those who are searching for truth that will provide an anchor for the storms of life.


Work is being completed. The foundation has been prepared and poured. The footers have been dug and poured. There is now a solid foundation upon which to build. Utilities have been brought down Bucks Schoolhouse Rd and are currently being brought to the building itself. The steel has been delivered and the building’s structure is beginning to take shape.

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