Sometimes our view determines everything. On a basketball court, the referee’s view determines his/her call on a given play. Two different views, two different calls. I wonder, does our view of God determine our thoughts and view of “FOREVER?” God has not revealed every detail that awaits His followers in heaven, leaving much to our imagination. If He revealed everything, we would probably not believe it. Consider this: Someone you love and trust, someone you know loves you and has your best interest in mind, plans a surprise trip for you. Even if you don’t like surprises, what is your reaction?  Is it excitement? Anticipation? Of course, it is. So, I wonder if my fear, anxiousness and concern for what awaits me on the other side is a result of my view of the one who prepares it for me? Is my God too small to plan a life for me that is so good, so wonderful, so big that it is beyond my wildest imagination? If the answer is yes, maybe it is my view of Him that is lacking and not Him. Get to know Him, love Him, serve Him, and watch our excitement for “FOREVER” rise as we long for a place and experience that will be out of this world, or maybe in this world, but a new one.