It is an understatement to say that the world in which we live is messed up. It has been since right after “In the beginning…”

In our own home city, we average nearly a murder a day, violence is the norm, and we have become numb to it. When we hear the heinous reports, we are tempted to shrug it off as just another day.

I saw a bumper on the back of a car parked at a Chick-Fil-A that summed it up. In black and white it said: “NO LIVES MATTER.”

For over half a century now our children have been taught they are accidents, the result of a random process. We have witnessed society treat life like it can be tossed to the side because it is “inconvenient.”

With that being the pervasive mindset of a society, it only takes a few generations for the consequences to take hold.  I know this sounds cliché and simple, but I truly believe our society is reaping what it has sowed for over fifty years. The systematic removal of God’s presence, blessing, and favor

Legislation and laws will not turn the tide. What will change things is for individuals, families, churches, and communities to live as salt and light in dark and decaying communities. It begins there.