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Understanding Baptism

Baptism can mean many things to different people depending upon your faith background. When you say the word “baptized” to some they will think of infant baptism, to others it involves being sprinkled with water. In our Understanding Baptism session we explore what scripture has to say about baptism. We answer the what, when and why questions. Baptism Listening Guide

Growing With Christ

Scripture is our spiritual food. Just as we can’t go very long without eating, we cannot go very long without getting into God’s word without it negatively impacting our spiritual health. In Growing With Christ, you will learn the five ways we need to dig into the Bible to establish a growing relationship in which we become more like Jesus.  Growing With Christ Listening Guide

Spiritual Gifts

The Bible tells us that each one of us has been given a spiritual gift we are to use to help the church accomplish her mission. In Spiritual Gifts you will discover your S.H.A.P.E. and be equipped and have a better understanding where you can plug in and take your place in the body. Spiritual Gifts Listening Guide


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