Brief History

Immanuel Baptist Church was started as a mission by the original Immanuel and Seventh Baptist Churches on March 8, 1897. The mission met in several rented buildings until the two founding churches became one, known simply at the time as Seventh Baptist Church. At this time, the founders decided to build a chapel for the mission in the 1700 block of North Milton Avenue in Baltimore City. This was completed and the mission moved into the chapel in 1906.

By 1909, the mission had grown so much that the average attendance had reached 147 people. Because of this growth, the mission was allowed to incorporate themselves under the official name of Immanuel Baptist Church. Growth continued until the average Sunday School attendance was 100 and the active membership numbered 125. These figures remained rather steady until the late 1920s. By the mid-1940s several new classrooms were added to the church, and later, a new educational facility was erected at the rear of the chapel. Immanuel continued to grow steadily, expanding to its limits. It was therefore recommended to relocate. After finding land a few miles north of the city, Immanuel sold their beloved chapel and quickly found themselves meeting in an old movie theater and mission house until the new sanctuary could be built.

On February 5, 1961, the new church building, located at Frankford Avenue and Sinclair Lane, was officially opened. Membership grew steadily until the early 1980s when it was decided once again to move the church. Immanuel was informed by the Baltimore Baptist Association that the White Marsh area was on the verge of becoming one of the fastest-growing regions around Baltimore. With this in mind, the church leaders set out to locate a tract of land. Immanuel was led to its present location at 5050 Bucks Schoolhouse Road, and after many design and construction delays, proceeded to build. On October 26, 1986, Immanuel Baptist Church officially opened in White Marsh. In January 2002, Pastor Jeff Shultz was called to lead Immanuel. The church currently has a growing congregation and is actively seeking to bring more to the Lord through our many programs and ministries.